Do and Don't it

Do and Don’t it

  • Rudraksha Beads are God’s gifted to mankind for good future. Here are some of the clues given to wearing a Rudraksha Beads which must be observed. All these clues gives a clear information to its wearer that what they do and don’t.


  • Always keep the Rudraksh beads in a holly place which is free from dirt.
  • At all time Rudraksh beads kept well cleaned with a brush, soft bristles and oiled.
  • Oil the beads continually with Bitter oils like mustard oil or Sesame oil/Gingerly Oil.
  • Rudraksh beads can be kept in ones house or Puja Room to get positive energy flow in their house.
  • Rudraksh beads should be worn in a metal as silver or copper or Punchdhatu. Rudraksh has electrical and magnetic properties, which improve when it worn with metal.
  • Individual person can wear any combination of the Rudraksh beads.
  • Rudraksha beads can be hanged on the front doors of the temple, home and workplace one or in combination.
  • Everybody living in the world should wear Rudraksha on his body to increase love, affection, faith, brotherhood and sympathy among each other.


  • Rudraksha beads should not be worn during sexual closeness.
  • Do not wear the Rudraksh beads at the time of sleeping because the beads may break due to pressure. Always kept the beads bellow the pillow.
  • Do not worn Rudraksh beads while attending the visiting cremation grounds or a cemetery or a funeral ceremony.
  • Do not exchange the Rudraksha Mala with anyone.
  • Soaps and shampoos may cause harm to the Rudraksha and may reduce its life hence do not wear Rudraksh beads while taking bath.
  • While eating non-vegetarian food and having alcoholics do not worn Rudraksh beads.
  • Rudraksha beads should not be worn while visiting the toilet for long calls.
  • Do not worn Rudraksha beads as a ring in the fingers.
  • Do not swap the Rudraksh beads.
  • While going to see the new born baby do not worn Rudraksh beads.
  • Rudraksha beads should not be worn during menstrual cycle period.
  • If anybody keep a rosary beads for mantra chanting then do not wear it on the body.

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About Authenticity

The Rudraksha we get from the most reliable sources are then tested for their authenticity by our experts under microscope observation. After that the Rudraksh is ready by us to send to our customer.

Apart from all this, we have a very generous returns and replacement policy in case any customer is not satisfied with the quality of Rudraksha we supply. In this way, we give our customers the final decision authority for the authenticity of our products which itself proves our genuineness.