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Turmeric Rosary :
This garland is made from the knot of Haridra. This garland is especially used in the rituals of Pitambara Devi, Mother Baglamukhi Mantra. Turmeric is considered particularly useful for Sagittarius and Pisces zodiac signs. Turmeric garland removes Dosa’s fate. Turmeric garland is good for wealth and wish fulfillment.

Benefits of Turmeric Rosary :
1. It is believed that jaundice is cured by wearing turmeric garland to a person suffering from jaundice.
2. If the Guru is to be made strong then wear this garland. Wearing it destroys all the defects related to the planet Guru.
3. The mantra of the planet Jupiter with a garland of turmeric chanting “Om Brim Brihaspatai Namah:” gives auspicious results for life. And its negative effects are overcome.
4. Mantra of Goddess Baglamukhi Devi is chanted on this garland to stop the enemy.
5. It is believed that turmeric / turmeric garland benefits people in cases and resolves disputes.

Note: The image shown above is only a symbolic image, not the actual image of the product, as the natural product variety is color, as is natural.

Haldi Mala

Baglamukhi Jaap

Specimen Discriptions



Light Brown


Natural Nepali 7 Mukhi


7 Face


+20 mm



X-Ray/Microscopic Test

The Result obtained at the time of microscopic issue to the best of our knowledge and ability.


Observation confirm natural formation.

Specific Comments

Distinct surface have been described.

Testing Lab

Vegga Gems Testings Labs Jaipur (Raj.)

Disclaimer, T&C

This report is given to the client for he/her persons use only VEGGA GTL. and/or its employees/related persons can not be held liable for a jurisdictional and Non-jurisdictional action take on the basis of this product idenfications report, see detailed T&C on http://www.veggagems.com


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