Vaijanti Mala

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By wearing a garland of seeds obtained from this Vaijayanti plant, the favorite and soon beneficial of Lord Shri Krishna, the negative effects of planets and constellations in human life are eliminated and strength and self-confidence increase, peace of mind is attained, due to which a person works diligently in his field of work. Chanting with this garland gives the desired benifit.

Vaijanti Mala 499.00 Original price was: ₹499.00.249.00Current price is: ₹249.00.

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Vaijayanti (Vyjayanti) Literally meaning, “the garland of victory”. Vyjayanthi is a very lucky plant of flowers. Vaijayanti Mala (Rosary) is obtained from the Vyjayanti plant. Vyjayanthi seeds come from the forests of Braj. Vaijayanti Mala is beneficial to increase self confidence, to calm the mind, to solve problems and for new energy and consciousness in the body.

Vaijanti Mala (Vaijayanti Seeds Garland) benefits In brief :

  1. These seeds are believed to help in curing arthritis.
  2. It attracts positive energy and excludes negative energy.
  3. It is believed that enemies will also become friends by wearing garlands.
  4. It is used for Vashikaran, Charms and Goddess Siddhi. It balances all the doshas.
  5. Wearing it is good for those investing in the stock markets.
  6. It is believed that wearing a garland of Vyjayanthi seeds in Pushya Nakshatra is very auspicious.

Product Info :

    • Name: Vaijanti Mala (Vaijayanti Mala (Rosary))
    • Material: 100% Genuine Seeds
    • Shape: Ovel Seeds of Vaijanti Plant
    • Origin: India Sapling
    • Quality: 100% Original

Note: The image shown above is only a symbolic image, not the actual image of the product, as the natural product variety is color, as is natural.


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